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What Does Beard Oil Do? What Are the Benefits of Using It?

Gone are the days when long and bushy beards were considered unprofessional, untidy and intimidating. You’ve probably already seen your favourite celebrities sporting some perfectly groomed facial hair and look charming.

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What’s their secret?

Well no beard maintenance routine, or beard for that matter, can be complete without beard oil.

However, if you just started your journey towards boasting the perfect beard and moustache, your mind is probably buzzing with countless questions about beard grooming products.

What is beard oil? What’s in it? What does beard oil do? What are its benefits?

Do all of these questions seem familiar? Well, since every bearded gentleman goes through this phase, us included, we’ve decided to put together a guide that finally sets the record straight.

Now that we’ve got your ungroomed attention, let’s start with the obvious:

So What Exactly is Beard Oil And What Does It Do? 

Beard oil is exactly what it sounds like. It is a carefully crafted tonic that helps the modern gentleman nourish their maine and the skin underneath it. Put simply, beard oils are tailored to mimic the oils that naturally occur on our skin and, therefore, helps the beard look smooth, soft and shiny.

The natural oil produced by our skin is called sebum. It is critical to maintaining your beard’s appearance, condition, and overall health.

But if it occurs naturally, why do we need to buy more of it? As it turns out, we strip our skin away from naturally occurring sebum when we wash our face or shower with the harsh chemicals found in face wash products or ordinary soaps.

This doesn’t mean you should stop using these products altogether. Instead, you can equip your beard grooming arsenal with a high-quality beard oil to replicate the effect of sebum, which prevents your beard turning dry, wiry, and brittle. Of course, an added benefit would be that these products will add a light shine on those thick strands while also adding a little fragrance. Certainly one product with so many benefits!

What Are the Benefits of Beard Oil?

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1.    100% Organic and Natural

We’ve already mentioned how the best beard oil products replicate the natural oil produced by our skin. These grooming products primarily consist of a miraculous combination of essential and carrier oils.

Organic and natural carrier oils, in particular, do most the job since they are responsible for conditioning, moisturizing, and softening your beard and the skin underneath it. On the other hand, essential oils help by fusing an invigorating fragrance in your beard, making it all the more worth your time and money.

2.    Hydrates and Nourishes

Beard oil helps nourish the hair follicles in your beard to make it a lot softer and easier to manage. It doesn’t just stop there, though. Its all-natural ingredients move past your beard to hydrate the skin underneath it as well.

Why is this necessary for your beard maintenance routine? When you start growing a beard, those thick strands of hair start absorbing all the moisture that forms over your skin and, therefore, dry out all that naturally occurring moisture replenishment. As a result, some bearded gentlemen have complained that their beard became dry and broken when they started on their beard grooming journey.

3.    Prevents Dandruff and Beard Itchiness

grzzly beard oil is the ideal beard oil to prevent beard itch


Where there is dry skin, there is beard itchiness and beardruff (our cutesy name for beard dandruff). Dandruff is also made worse due to excessive scratching over a newly grown beard because of all the dead skin cells underneath.

Since dry skin happens to be the main cause for beardruff, it is vital that you keep your skin beneath the beard moisturized. Beard oil can keep your skin from drying out and, in-turn shedding flakes because it replaces the missing or lost natural oils produced by your skin. Ideally, you should look for beard oil that includes sunflower, jojoba, and coconut oil in their ingredients since these are the most effective in restoring moisture in your beard.

4.    Tames Annoying Flyaway Hair

At times, does your beard hair seem to go bonkers and grow in all lengths and angles? If so, you should try and resist the temptation to pick up the dreaded trimmer.  There are two types of bearded gentlemen: those that groom their beard with the occasional scissoring around the edges and those who prefer to let the beard grow with a natural flow.

While there may be right or wrong between the two practices, if you use beard oil for your grizzly mane, you will be able to make your beard more manageable and presentable by keeping those runway beards in check.

Grzzly beard oil aids in a healthy beard growth

5.    Aids Beard Growth

Growing a beard takes time. What did you expect? The beard fairy will fly in one day and just make your beard perfect overnight? That’s not how it works. But the closest thing to a beard fairy is beard oil.

Beard oil consists of essential oils such as Ylang Ylang and Cedarwood Oil, which, when applied, thickens the beard and adds more volume to it. That’s not all though. Beard oil also promotes healthier skin, which in turn, prevents in-grown hair and allows the hair follicles to reach their full potential.

6.    Cures Inflammation

Do you have sensitive skin? If so, the hydrating and moisturizing properties of beard oil can cure the skin beneath your beard. Its nourishing ingredients have helped numerous bearded gentlemen ward off irritation and redness caused by daily environmental changes or the harsh chemicals in shampoos and skin products.

An additional benefit of beard oil is that it doesn't clog the user’s pores or interfere with their natural sebum products. This is why it is safe to say that beard oil can nourish and refresh your skin.

Final Thoughts

We really hope our beard oil guide really straightens things out for you and your beard. Once you understand what we’ve mentioned, you’ll finally be ready to start your beard grooming journey like a pro.

If you’re convinced, Grzzly Beard Oil would like to introduce you to the best beard oil in the UK as well as equally effective, 100% organic and handcrafted beard butter and beard balm products to choose from.

Right after first application, you’ll find our grooming products help minimize beard itch while getting absorbed quickly into skin and facial hair and have fantastic scent profiles. Visit our website to learn more about our beard grooming products and how they can help you with your beard growth journey. 

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