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GrzzlyBeard Co.

About Us

Founded by Shaf, Grzzly Beard Co. was established in the industrial and commercial city of Birmingham, UK in 2018 as a family run business. The idea came from his love for using beard grooming products to maintain a healthy beard growth which is a must for every beard journey. He started by handcrafting 100% natural & organic carrier oil blends, essential oils and fragrance oils. In the early days, sample packs were developed, tried and tested with family, friends and locals resulting in amazing feedback which motivated him to continue and grow into the business we have today. The first official product launched was the Rose Gold Line of beard oil, which many customers claimed to be the best beard oil they have used. This was a great early success for Grzzly which motivated the creation of the perfect beard balm handcrafted from natural & organic beeswax, shea butter & oils and a finely whipped beard butter which helps nourish the skin beneath one's beard. As the business progressed and the demand increased, Grzzly turned to innovation and added more lines to its business namely the Platinum Line, the Candy Shop Line and the To-Bacco Line, each providing a distinct theme of scent profiles. Further riding on the innovation bandwagon grzzly took advantage of the health benefits of gold and introduced the much talked about 24K gold flakes beard oil Liquid Gold where real nano-particles of gold flakes were submerged into a blend of carrier and essential oils making it the most unique beard oil of 2019. In September 2020, Grzzly introduced its latest leather themed scent profile topped with fruity notes dubbed Fruit Fusion. Together Grzzly prides itself to be the best beard oil in the UK shipping globally. Aside from its core products, Grzzly began to offer a complete solution for beard grooming and introduced the finest Gold Monster beard grooming kit involving Grzzly liquid gold oil, butter and balm bundled with the worlds finest Monster beard brushes by Kent.

Today Grzzly offers sixteen unique scent profiles and an unscented variant for each of its products, each consisting of 100% natural & organic carrier oil blends, essential oils and fragrance oils that can cater to all types of taste ranging from woody colognes to fruity goodness. At Grzzly, they ensure to have an exotic blend of oils to suit a healthy beard growth for every beard lover.