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How to Use

Grzzly Beard Oil: Apply a small amount (3-6 drops, depending on your beard length) of Grzzly beard oil to the palm of your hands, rub together evenly, apply to beard, work from root to tip of the beard.

Grzzly Beard Butter: Use your finger to scoop out a thumbnail amount of Grzzly beard butter. Spread product evenly across both hands, apply from neck to cheeks working it well into the beard. Massage into skin. Complete styling with a beard brush or beard comb.

Grzzly Beard Balm: Use the back of your fingernail to Scoop out a small amount of Grzzly beard balm. Place in the palm of your hands and rub hands together to breakdown. Apply from top to bottom of the beard, paying attention more to the hair than the skin. Complete styling with a beard comb or beard brush.